From the expanded perspective of the Liminal Lands, gazing at our beautiful world filled with such immense suffering, it is strikingly clear that to heal the world I need to first heal myself. I cannot love deeply and unconditionally until I truly love myself in the same way. My task is therefore both inner and outer. It doesn’t matter if I’m a fisherman, a psychologist or a bus driver, my impact on the collective consciousness and my impact on the people I live and work amongst is magnified exponentially when I am healed from within.


Mother Nature loves and supports us unconditionally. Our vision is to bring people into alignment with the rhythm and love of the earth and then from the base of our feet bring her healing into our hearts where it can meet the wisdom and clarity of expanded states of being.
We are each unique, beautiful celestial bodies glowing in the cosmos, and if our glow has dimmed because our actions are dark and violent, hurting the earth and her children, then we are beautiful stars that have been wounded through a lack of love ourselves.


There is nothing any of us can afford to turn away from any longer. We offer you an opportunity to look deeply into your own heart to embrace the sadness, the hardship and the incredible joy of being alive, so that you can stand in your truth with love and gratitude for the journey. Join us on this exploration because as with any travelling into unknown territory, it is always a whole lot more fun when we do it together.

It is true that humans are unbearably, unbelievably precious. When we tune into the energetic frequency of love we have the ability to create a planet that broadcasts that love out through the Universe

Robyn Sheldon

I spent my school career staring out of windows hoping that a knight on a shining stallion would come cantering by to save me from boredom (or perhaps I’d have preferred the horse on its own in those days), and as a result I graduated with D’s from school and a mediocre degree in art teaching from University. The longing that kept me staring out of windows never really left me, although I did manage to plant my feet more firmly on the earth when it wasn’t covered in concrete.

And now, looking back over the vista of sixty three years, that long ago yearning was a necessary (and I suspect, not uncommon) need to merge numinous otherworldly stuff with the bare bones of this beautiful thing called life.

This anchoring is what I love, teach, and continue to investigate and learn about. I do so through birth where I have spent so much of my working life, through life, and perhaps, God-Allah-Yahweh-and co willing, even through death eventually.