Coming Home to the Soul Self

2 year journey

April 2021 – March 2023

The soul is the animating force that exists throughout the Universe and settles into a unique transcription in each one of us, imbuing us with gifts, passion and purpose. It is multi-dimensional and mysterious. Even when we come fully home to the soul self it remains infinite beyond our perception of it. When we merge the knower and the known we are asked to trust in the mystery of the ever unknown.

The two year journey travels through personal, interpersonal and transpersonal domains, enriching the worlds we inhabit. As with Santiago, the Andalusian shepherd boy in The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo, and as with any alchemical process, we end the journey back where we started, only to find that our world is not the same as the one we left behind.

The premise of the journey is that when we move through the veils of our illusory beliefs and conditionings, the underlying ground of being is love. This deep universal love can carry us into the shadowy worlds of our constrictions and fears. It can guide us through the mystery of the dark unknown. It can break our hearts wide open. And it can bring us home to the fullness of being.

We are living in two separate realities these days; one that judges life through a veil of fear and mistrust, and one that follows the heart’s yearning for wholeness or holiness.

The old worldview relied on judgment and rational thinking to make decisions and take steps towards the goals we set ourselves. However, the earth’s morphogenetic field has shifted, allowing soul journeyers to investigate a wider knowing. This includes both dropping inwards into the felt sense and expanding outwards into a resonance with the external world in the recognition that it has always been a clear expression of our internal mind states. Because we are holograms of the whole, everything in our world derives from a blend of our individual conditioning, the collective beliefs to which we ascribe, and our soul yearning. We can choose where to place the emphasis.

In the new world that we are creating through an expansion of consciousness, we change the world in which we presently reside through consciously shifting our awareness towards states of love, compassion, joy and serenity. Spiritual bypassing pretends everything is love and light. In soul journeying we harness ourselves to the love of the universal mind to give us the courage to hold the mysterious shadowy world of our fears, contractions and unknown otherness with tenderness and a listening heart.

As Einstein so famously said, ‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’

The flow of universal love that is the ground of all being was previously veiled. It has become powerfully accessible. It is a free source of energy that is available to anyone. When we tap into it, it changes who we are on a cellular level; it changes the matrix of our conditioned self. Through this matrix shift we merge with Oneness and recognise that we are not the lonely, separate beings we were taught to be as children.

There is a burgeoning community of people who understand that the solution to our planetary crises and our individual defensiveness against them lies in tapping into the vast wisdom of expanded dimensions of consciousness. It is an unstoppable force.

The two year Coming Home to the Soul Self journey offers a space to tap into this wisdom. It is a community where your unique piece of wisdom can be nurtured and shared. It is a place that cultivates and supports the birth of an expanded consciousness.

A secondary function of the journey is to support the sacred wisdom of new babies who are arriving on Earth, undamaged and pure enough to resonate at the frequency of love.

And a third function of the journey is to become guardians of this wisdom in an ever expanding, ever enriching community that we call home.