Dream into your soul purpose
Drop into stillness amidst our 21st Century chaos
Fears, like mewling infants, prefer to be held with tenderness
Sometimes the shabbiest body holds the highest wisdom
Connect and communicate with your unborn baby
Live from a place of clarity and truth
Come Home to the Soul Self

As we drop into open-hearted living, we begin to feel the pulse of the Earth and all her inhabitants. Then to hurt another is to hurt ourselves. And at that level of connection we truly have the potential to change the world 


If we can drop into coming Home, (with a capital H), there is an explosion, and I’m not sure if it is like a Big Bang or the tiniest silent reverberation, that happens in the heart of the collective. What I do know is that it causes the consciousness of the world to shift into greater harmony and alignment.  When we hold fast to this surrender into coming Home, and trust that it is a life-raft in the sea of chaos we are all swimming in at the moment, a portal of light is created in the collective. It is no small thing.

Join us Tuesday online for Coming Home to your soul self. 

Integrating Soul and Body and supporting clients to find their own inner stillness
- Online

Soula Course

  • So few of us landed fully in our bodies at birth. As a result, we live in our heads, disconnected from our heart wisdom and gut instincts.
  • This online course is an exploration into arriving fully as a practice of integrating our expanded soul awareness into our everyday lives.
  • Then we consider how to hold space for others to do so too: sometimes at birth, sometimes at death, sometimes inbetween.
  • We’ll be meeting on Zoom.
  • The course includes interactive discussions and meditations in real time and in addition includes lifelong access to reading material, videos and exercises to complete at your own pace. 

Unborn baby Connections and soul portraits

  • This is a painting of a soul connection session with an unborn baby; truth be told it’s of my beautiful 3 1/2 week old grand-daughter, Elizabeth Dare and of the way her parents visualized her in pre-birth sessions. It was a lovely process; they did unborn child sessions with me, then after she was born I wove the images into her soul-birth portrait. I would love to offer this process to pregnant parents to create a memory of their soul connections that helps them honour and reflect on the sacred wisdom of their children when they are having tantrums at age two, twelve and twenty.
  • Soul connections are a profound way to understand and feel your child’s soul essence prior to birth. To read more about the sessions, click here .


From the expanded perspective of the Liminal Lands, gazing at our beautiful world filled with such immense suffering, it is strikingly clear that to heal the world I need to first heal myself. 

Our vision for the future

Mother Nature loves and supports us unconditionally. Our vision is to bring people into alignment with the rhythm and love of the earth…


It is true that humans are unbearably, unbelievably precious. When we tune into the energetic frequency of love we have the ability to create a planet that broadcasts that love out through the Universe.